Assumption Cooperative Grain Company
 Seasonal Average Forward Price Contract
Assumption Cooperative Grain Company is offering a seasonal average forward price contract for corn and soybeans for Fall 2018 delivery.  Please contact us to offer bushels into this program.
Forward contracting grain typically results in a higher price than waiting to sell at harvest or after harvest.  This has especially held true the last three years.  While no one knows for certain what this year will bring, the current supply of corn and soybeans would suggest that the current market trend will continue and you should be contracting ahead.  By offering some bushels in the seasonal average forward price contract will eliminate the price guessing for those bushels.
The parameters for this contract are:
  1. Offer a specific bushel quantity of corn and/or soybeans to be priced during the pricing period.
  2. Pricing will occur at the Fall delivery closing bid each Tuesday from 2/6/18 through 7/17/18.  This is a period of 24 weeks. Each Tuesday, 1/24th of the offered bushels will be priced.
  3. A confirmation will be sent each week indicating that week’s price and the average contract price to date.  At the end of the pricing period, one contract will be issued for the bushels and average price for Fall delivery.
  4. There is no fee for flat price contracts.
  5. There is a 2 cent per bushel fee if you elect to lock in futures only (Hedge To Arrive) each week.
  6. The deadline to offer bushels is Monday, 2/5/18.

Month Last Change Open High Low Close Time More
Dec 27 Chart for @C7Z Options for @C7Z
Mar 18 348'4 2'2 347'2 349'2 347'0 346'2 07:29A Chart for @C8H Options for @C8H
May 18 356'6 2'0 355'6 357'4 355'4 354'6 07:29A Chart for @C8K Options for @C8K
Month Last Change Open High Low Close Time More
Nov 27 Chart for @S7X Options for @S7X
Jan 18 Chart for @S8F Options for @S8F
Mar 18 966'2 5'6 965'0 967'4 963'2 960'4 07:29A Chart for @S8H Options for @S8H
Month Last Change Open High Low Close Time More
Dec 27 Chart for @W7Z Options for @W7Z
Jul 18 444'0 -2'4 446'4 449'0 443'4 446'4 07:29A Chart for @W8N Options for @W8N
Month Last Change Open High Low Close Time More
Dec 27 Chart for @YM7Z Options for @YM7Z
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Closing Market Comments

 Corn closed 2 cents lower with CH making new contract lows. For the week CH lost 5 cents. (For reference: CZ17 went off the board at $3.36¼.) The S&D report for corn was close to expectations so pressure today seemingly came from a continuing lack of concern over supply as well as weakness in wheat futures. U.S. harvested acres dropped 400,000 but yield increased to 176.6 bpa. End result was production up slightly to 14.604 bln. bu. Total demand down slightly to 14.470 bln. bu. but importantly, exports are unchanged at 1.925 bln. bu. (Dollar is weakening and we are competitive in the world market, so USDA still willing to take a wait and see attitude until more is known of SA production potential.) Ending stocks at 2.477 bln. bu. with a stocks to use ratio up slightly to a comfortable 17.1%. SA production unchanged with Argentina at 42.0 MMT (in country estimates closer to 41 MMT) and Brazil at 95.0 MMT (CONAB at 92.3 MMT.) World corn production for 17/18 unchanged at 1,044 MMT. U.S. quarterly stocks just a touch higher than expected at 12.516 bln. bu. 320 tmt U.S. corn sold to unknown in overnight announcement.   



  Soybeans put in an up day to close 10 cents higher onsome fund short covering, an S&D reportabout as expected, and at least some weather forecasts pointing to a drying trend in northern Brazil.  For the week SH fell 10 cents.   The U.S. balance sheet shows harvested acres unchangedbut yield off .4 bpa to 49.1 bpa.  Production down slightly to 4.392 bln. bu.  Exports were dropped 60 mln. bu. (a bit more than expected) and total demand wasdown 58 mln. bu. to 4.248 bln. bu.Endingstocks at 470 mln. bu. with a stocks to use ratio of 11.1%.  SA productionshows Argentina down 1 MMT to 56.0 MMT (in country estimates 52-53 MMT) and Brazil up 2.0 MMT to 110.0 MMT (CONAB at 110.4 MMT with other estimates approaching 114MMT.)World soybeanproduction steady at 348.6 MMT. U.S. quarterlystocks were 3.157 bln. bu 

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